Business Attire for Men

Business attire for men is the same thing as traditional "informal attire". In mens dress code, "informal attire" actually referrs to international business attire. They mean the same thing...A business suit with a tie.

Yes, it's that simple. The business suit is comprised of trousers and a jacket (sometimes with a waist coat or vest) cut from the same fabric.

Business or informal attire in the technical sense should not be mistaken for casual or business casual attire.

Informal simply means "not formal" which can be further understood to mean "not white tie" or "not tuxedo".

While simply defined as a suit & tie, business attire for men is a well structured definition. However, unlike formal attire, mens business suits provide countless opportunities for personal style and panache to be conveyed by the gentleman wearing them. All while not completely disregarding customary expectations of the dress code.

A business suit is comprised of a handful of key components with style, color & pattern options for each that allow for literally thousands of different variations. Below is outline of suit components and a few popular style variations for each. Each component is covered in much more detail on other pages.

5 Components of Business Attire for Men

2 Button Single Breast Jacket
  • Jacket

    1. Single Breasted 2 Button
    2. Single Breasted 3 Button
    3. Double Breasted 4 Button
    4. Double Breasted 6 Button

  • Vest/Waistcoat

    1. Single Breasted
    2. Double Breasted

    Single Pleat Trouser

  • Trousers

    1. Front Styles
      1. Flat Front
      2. Single Pleat
      3. Double Pleat
      4. Triple Pleat
    2. Bottom Finish
      1. Cuffs
      2. No Cuffs
    3. Pocket Styles
      1. Side Seam Pockets
      2. Slanted Pockets

  • Dress Shirt

  • Classic Straight Collar

    1. Shirt Collar
      1. European Narrow
      2. Classic Straight
      3. Classic Straight with Eyelets
      4. Classic Tab Collar
      5. Traditional Button Down
      6. Traditional Spread
      7. Classic Spread
      8. English Spread
    2. Cuff Styles
      1. 1 Button Cuff Rounded Corners
      2. 1 Button Cuff Angle Cut Corners
      3. 2 Button Cuff Square Corners
      4. 2 Button Cuff Angle Cut Corners
      5. 2 Button Cuff Rounded Cut Corners
      6. French Cuff Rounded
    3. Other Shirt Style Options
      1. Placket Variations
      2. Back Pleat Variations
      3. Pocket Variations

  • Neckwear

    1. Necktie
    2. Bowtie
    3. Ascot

    Just imagine, add to the business suit and dress shirt, dozens of pattern options, color options and fabric options. Combined with the different style options listed above and you can begin to see how a gentleman can easily use the boundaries of informal attire to his advantage.

    It is exponentially more versatile than an explicit dress code might imply. Thus, it is often we find that there is great freedom established by boundaries.

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