Business Phone Etiquette

Business phone etiquette is one of those things that if not done well puts out a clear message to the person on the other end of the phone.

Poor phone etiquette can be very damaging to a business's image, the person demonstrating bad etiquette as well as the team or group they represent.

Sometimes you might not be aware that your phone eitquette is poor. We hope your one of our readers. The following list is for you and anyone else who might want/need a quick lesson in business phone etiquette.


Seriously, smiling not only shows people who are present that your genuine but that same smile passes a pleasant felling right through the phone.

Speak Clearly:

Speaking into a telephone reciever is something you should do deliberately. Speak with purpose, clearly and not too quickly.

Identify Yourself:

Always identify yourself whether your answering a call, joining a conference call or calling someone else.


Nobody I know likes being placed on hold. Avoid it. If you must however, do it for only a brief moment. Never let someone linger on hold, your neglecting them and they know it


Never eat while on the phone, BAD, BAD, BAD. Nobody wants to hear your lip smacking etc. Same thing goes for chewing gum - don't do it while on the phone.

Return Calls:

Return messages and/or voice- mail within 24 hours

Leaving Messages:

Nothing personal or sensitive should be left with a person taking a message or left on voice-mail. Simply ask for your call to be returned.

Your Priority:

If someone is in your presence and the phone rings it is very rude to abandon that conversation and answer the phone. If you're expecting a call and you let the person in your presence know at the begining of the conversation then answering the phone is acceptable.


Make sure you bring closure to the telephone conversation. The call was initiated for a purpose and it's good form to make sure you bring closure to the conversation. Sometimes closure means a follow up call, a referral or some other re-direction which is perfectly acceptable. But, be sure the call comes to some definative end with an acceptable result


Good business phone etiquette follows that you should confirm the call was properly terminated. There's nothing more freightening than realizing that your actions or conversations are being heard by reciepients of a conversation you though was terminated.

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