Conference Call Etiquette

Conference call etiquette is one of the those things that if you breach, many people may know (depending on the size of the participant list) and the result is that you could find yourself frowned upon by several people.

When it comes to your own behavior, conference call etiquette is not too dissimilar from regular business phone etiquette . Be polite, speak clearly, dont' eat while on the phone etc. These things are simple rules and should always be followed regardless if you're on the phone or a conference call.

The differentiators for etiquette on conference calls are important however when your work requires conference calls on a regular basis.

Etiquette for Conference Calls

  • Be on Time: Be sure to give yourself enough time to dial-in and get situated prior to the start of your call. Particularly if you're facilitating, it's always a good idea to be prepared
  • Landline: Use a landline whenever possible. Use of cell phones for conference calls are quite distracting and often take from the producitivity of the call. Sometimes it's unavaoidable but when it's not, you should default to using a landline phone.
  • Announce Yourself: Be sure to announce yourself upon joining the call. Don't wait for the facilitator or moderator to ask who just joined. Let the participants know you've joined them.
  • Mute: Use the mute button! BUT, pay attention to when you come off mute and make sure those around you are aware the mute button is "off". Those occasional sarcastic, disrepectful or resentful comments can be tragic if the phone is not muted.
  • Hold: Be sure not to put your conference call on hold - they don't need the elevator music while you multi-task
  • Multi-Tasking: Proper etiquette would be to refrain from multi-tasking while on a conference call. If you happen to find yourself multi-tasking the least you can do is be sure your not cracking the computer keys into the microphone and/or carrying on a conversation while muffling the reciever. Have some class, mute if you must multi-task and even better, don't multi-task, your attention is supposed to be on the topic of conference call.
  • Dropping Early: If you're aware that you will have to drop early, let the facilitator know when you introduce yourself. There's no need to interrupt the conversation just to let everyone know you must disconnect.

As with most situations regarding etiquette, use your common sense (if you have some) or observe those you think are models of good etiquette and follow their lead.

Preferrably however, it's best if you set the example for conference call etiquette and others followed your lead

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