Cruise Packing List

In terms of "warm" cruise wardrobe, the gentleman's cruise packing list will be fairly straight forward with reagrd to casual attire. The challenge will be in how he chooses to interpret the cruise lines formal night(s). This in large part will dictate how to efficiently pack for the other non-formal evenings.

Let's start with the essential casual wear items and then discuss how to manage the formal and informal dress requirements.

bathing suit The first "must" for warm cruises like a Carribean cruise is the bathing suit. While at sea and even while at port (depending on your excursions) the bathing suit will be your most worn item. We recommend you bring two because we know you hate putting on a wet bathing suit!. Your days at sea will likely be spent primarily poolside or actually in the pool and you'll find that a good deal of each day will be spent in your bathing suit.

cargo shorts While not "at" or "in" the pool you'll want comfortable casual shorts. Particularly If you chose to venture off the ship and take a tour while at port. We recommend a few pair of basic cargo shorts and/or khaki shorts that you can pair up with t-shirts or polo shirts.

polo shirt A few polo shirts that coordinate with your cargo shorts or khaki shorts will be necessary items. As a hint, you won't need one for each day and that goes for your shorts as well. Try to make your polo shirt selection also work with a pair of flat front khaki pants that you can wear to a casual dinner or to one of the various entertainment venues offered by the cruise line.

flip flops You cruise packing list would be incomplete without a cool pair of casual flip flops. These can be worn with your bathing suit, shorts & a polo shirt or shorts & t-shirt. If you're a flip flop afficianado then you'll probably bring along more than one pair but for those of you that are not, nothing helps a vacation become a relaxing getaway like a pair flip flops.

t-shirts Along with the polo shirts, another essential casual wear item to include on your cruise packing list are a few t-shirts. It's always a good idea to color coordinate with your cargo/khaki shorts and flip flops. If possible, pack the ones that also match up well with your bathing suit as you'll surely be wearing t-shits with those too.

sneaker For those excursions or even for travel days to and from your destination you'll want stability and comfort. Bring (or wear) a pair sneakers or casual athletic shoes. Be sure they work well with your shorts and that they are at least styled from this decade. Skethcers, Nike's etc. are always acceptable alternatives to the Asics pictured.

Below we summarize and round out your casual cruise packing list. Your obviously welcome to pack more but we suspect like most men you'll be boasting about how you can get your whole 7 day cruise into a bag the size of your neighbors purse. It's worth noting however, the length of your cruise will dictate volume. What's been discussed thus far will serve your needs for 3, 5, 7, or 10 cruises. Bring along a little extra if your fortunate engough to be on a crusie for more than a week..

  • Bathing suit (2)
  • Shorts: cargo, khaki etc (3 or 4)
  • Polo shirts (3 or 4)
  • T-shirts (4-5)
  • Flip Flops
  • Sneakers
  • Belt(s)
  • Hat(s)
  • Underwear: briefs & t-shirts
  • Socks (athletic, ankle cut; no grampy over the calf versions )
  • Jacket (lightweight, windbreaker or raincoat)
  • Sweatshirt or sweater

Now that your ready to kick back and relax with your leisure cruise packing list all squared away, it's time to plan your formal and informal wear. This is where packing for a cruise can get a little uncomfortable. We would like to avoid that for you so check out our cruise formal wear article.

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