Cubicle Etiquette

Cubicle Etiquette

Proper cubicle etiquette is so simple it's almost embarrassing to have to review this list. Unfortunately, it's necessary to remind others what is meant by good etiquette for cubicle environments.

Cube etiquette boils down to 3 categories; Silence, Respect & Hygiene. Nearly everything we list or discuss can be grouped into one of these categories. If others can simply understand these 3 rules then cube etiquette should not be problematic.


What do we mean by using the word silence? With the exception of when your on the phone, pretend your in a library. It's that simple. Here's a list of top ten things not do do in the cubicle environment.

It sounds quite dull and boring and really for all intents and purposes it is. Which we suppose is why we generally don't preferr to be at work...However, those of you in cubicles do work with many other people and keeping everyone happy & tolerant of one another is important.

  • Don't whistle while you work
  • Don't Sing (outloud or to yourself)
  • Don't talk to yourself while you work
  • Don't continue to caugh uncontrollably - excuse yourself
  • Don't sniffle all day long if have a minor cold
  • Don't laugh too loudly or shrilly
  • Don't use profanity when speaking
  • Don't use your speaker-phone
  • Don't play music openly, use your headphones/earphones
  • Don't talk to someone else over cubicle walls


Respect shows regard and consideration for others in the workplace. Working together is challenging, working together with people who are not respectful of one another is exponentially more difficult.

  • Don't interrupt someone on the phone
  • Don't interrupt others who are in conversation
  • Don't enter someone else's cube without permission
  • Don't dig into someone else's candy jar without an invitation
  • Don't discipline or reprimand others in a cubicle
  • Don't snoop in others printer or fax items


Hygiene could actually be categorized with respect (silence could too for that matter) but we believe there's enough meat here to bring a few things to your attention. Below is a short list of things to keep in mind when it comes to hygiene and cubicle etiquette

  • Monitor your microwave items - Don't let them burn
  • Refresh the coffee pot if you've taken the last cup
  • Clean the coffee pot occasionally
  • Don't leave your lunch or other items in the refrigerator for extended periods
  • Don't leave disposable, half filled coffee cups on your desk for days on end
  • Don't bath in cologne
  • Don't remove your shoes while at work
  • Practice hygiene but not while in your cubicle (nail cutting, flossing etc.)

Cubicle etiquette is a simple thing, pretend you're at the library, show others respect and practice good "office" hygiene.

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