Custom Made Trousers

Custom made trousers are a man's secret to being confident, knowing that he looks great and more importantly being comfortable at the same time.

there are many benefits to going the way of custom made trousers. The advantages begin with your ability to select fabrics from an entire universe of desireable wools, cottons, blends etc.

That's only the beginning however, the true benefit is fit and all the pleasure and confidence that comes along with a pair of perfectly fitted trousers. Let's explore the different aspecst of how fit applies to custom slacks for men.


As you might guess, waist size is obviously an imporant aspect to a pair of properly fitted pants. Waist sizes are one of the two most standard ways that ready to wear trousers are categorized for retail shoppers.

The trouble with standard ready to wear sizing's are that they differ from brand to brand and even in some cases within brand.

Some manufactures have not suficiently minimized variation in the process of producing their products and a size 38 waist on 1st shift might not be the same as 2nd shifts 38. (I won't go there in any more detail - you'll either get bored or pissed)

Nonetheless, you'll be happy find that custom trousers will not give you these kinds of problems. Your waist measure is what you get, not some standard template.


The second of the two primary retail measures of fit is length or "inseam". This is the measure from crotch seam down to the bottom of the pant leg. Again, in the ready to wear world these measures are based on standards and for manufacturing efficiencies, the most common sizes and those with the higher sales volumes are the prevalent ones. If your fortunate enough to be in that category then ready to wear might be perfect for you. In reality however, few of us land perfectly in the distribution of even waist sizes and/or inseams.

The true value of custom made trousers comes in the follwing measures


The rise is another very important measure. Depending on where you wear your waist (sitting high or low) the rise will affect how much room you have, where your bottoms land at your shoe (too high or to low) etc.

A custom rise in concert with these other custom measures will provide you a great fit and leave you wondering why you have not had all of your trousers custom made.

Other Important Custom Trouser measures

  • Hip/Seat : Diameter of your hip
  • Thigh : Diameter of your thigh
  • Knee : Diameter of your knee
  • Cuff : Desired diameter of you pant at your ankle as well as having cuff or no cuffs

Cuffed Trouser

Having a tailor take your measurements and helping him/her understand your preferences is essential before having custom made trousers prepared for you.

When that process is complete are you wear your finished slacks a few times you be reminded everytime you put them on how wonderful a pair of bespoke trousers are.

The following are the remaining elements that are fully your decision in terms of custom pants. These round out the reasons custom made trousers are the way to go

More Custom Trouser Elements

  • Fabric : As mentioned earlier, in custom trousers you have the freedom to choose the fabric (Merino Wool, Gabardine, Worsted Wool, Linen etc.
  • Pleats : Pleats, no pleats, two pleats, turned in, turned out etc. etc. your option!
  • Pockets : Back pockets, no pockets, slanted seam side pockets you name it, the pocket choice is yours
  • Belt Loop & Fastening : Loops or no loops, snap button closure, sewn button closure, zipper, no zipper
  • Cuffs : Pant bottoms turned up or no cuffs

The options are plenty when it comes to trousers being custom made. We highly recommend you try custom trousers at least once. We are near certian that you will be pleased with the result and probably start trying to figure out how to afford all your suits and slacks to be bespoke.

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