email Etiquette

email etiquette should never be overlooked, with email messaging rooted as one of of the primary modes of communication, it should be something you do well. Here are the top 10 things to consider for email etiquette.

Reply all should not be taken lightly:

Think twice about the appropriateness of replying to all. Many recipients can get quite frustrated at a few "reply all" responders.

Do not forward rude or vulgar e-mail at work:

This should go without saying, and encourage others to not forward them to you.

Consider your message:

E-mail has become commonplace but still may not be the most appropriate mode of communication depending on the message intent. Think about how you might prefer to receive such a message and communicate in that manner.

Brevity is the key to effective communication:

Keep your message or reply as succinct as possible


All caps is the electronic equivalent of shouting, don't do it unless that's exactly what you intend to be conveyed.


Make sure your recipients have a fair idea of your sense of humor. Electronic communication has a way of being misconstrued. Be sure you're not on the wrong end of an interpretation bluder.

24-48 Hours:

1-2 days is the max response period for good etiquette. If you're unavailable for any reason for more than 2 days you should set an auto-response to level set expectations.

Be Clear:

In your most professional and grateful manner, be clear about your expectations of others when sending a request. Don't be ambiguous, you'll never get what you're looking for.

Blind Copy:

Make sure your BCC is expected by others and that your sure your bcc recipients will not forward or reply all. Blind copying someone without letting them know could be disasterous, your bcc recipient may inadvertantly throw you under the "proverbial" bus.


Can be you're enemy or your friend. Don't overcommunicate or send messages that have little significance to the recipient. That's a surefire way to diminish yourself. Be sure to keep your frequency appropriate and your messages relevant.

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