Formal Dinner Table Setting

Gentlemen, this is your quick guide to understanding the formal dinner table setting. Refer to the formal dinner place setting picture below as well as the quick list of "what's where".

Standard Formal Dinner Place Setting

. formal dinner table setting

Quick tips

  1. Expect your dinner plate & soup bowl to be center. Occasionally there will be no soup bowl and the napkin may placed on your plate. It's likely to be folded in a fancy manner or rolled into a napkin ring. If it's in a ring, remove the ring and place it at the head of bread plate.

    Everything else will revolve around the dinner plate. Start using your silverware from the outside and work your way towards your plate throughout the meal.

  2. Knives will be to the right of your plate. The blade should be facing the plate. There should be no more than 3 knives (first course, main course, salad course - for formal dinners, salads are served after the entree).
  3. Soup Spoon and/or mellon spoon to the right of the kives.
  4. Dessert Spoon (not pictured) if placed will be at the head of your plate.
  5. Forks will be on the left of your plate. Like the knives, there should be no more than 3 forks (first course, main course, salad course).
  6. Glasses will be found above your knives. From left to right they will be your water glass, red wine glass and white wine glass.
  7. Bread plate and butter knife will be above your forks

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