Free Interview Tips

The following is an extremely valueable set of free interview tips. Use this information to your advantage. There's advice and tips ranging from the simple hand shake to the more elaborate thought process of preparing for how to sell your brand in an interview. Let's start with General Tips and then expand...

General Free Interview Tips

  1. Firm Handshake: Extend your hand confidently and introduce yourself with a firm handshake. The dead fish, limp wrist or soggy slider is an immediate turn-off!
  2. Eye Contact: Direct eye contact, no shifty eyes! If your interviewer is an attractive woman don't check her out. Women know and can tell when you do. Even if you think you can get away with it, I'm sure you won't so don't do it! Humor aside and regardless of gender, let the interviewer know your attention is with them and that you are confident enough to share eye contact.
  3. Smile: A smile is often overlooked but very important among job interview tips, practice it (yes, practice it!) a warm genuine smile at first introduction goes farther than you can imagine. Practice your smile in the mirror and then deliver it!
  4. Posture: Seated or standing don't forget good posture, and the subtle queues that you give off with your posture. Physically leaning or moving closer suggests interest and engagement. Arms crossed indicates resistance so try to be "open" and comfortable. Be sure you're facing your interviewer, your hands and arms are relaxed and not clasped or tense. Be as inviting with your posture as possible.
  5. Voice: Project your voice, speak confidently and articulate.
  6. Listening: Your listening skills are just as important as your ability to speak. Be sure you're not a bobble head nodding and agreeing the whole time. You'll only serve to convince the interviewer that you are a yes man without a spine. When listening, look for the nuggets that the interviewer gets excited about and key on them.

Free Interview Tips: "Answers"

  1. Answer the question! Don't keep going because the interviewer is waiting for more. It's a trap! Answer the question and stop. Let the uncomfortable moment of silence pass.
  2. A good rule to follow is the STAR principal. Most interviewers are looking for STARs. If they are not looking for STARS specifically, they will be impressed by them when that's what you deliver. What's a STAR? Answer questions by discussing Situation, Task, Action and Result. Keep your action related answers focused on STARS! Remember, even when using STARS answer the question and stop.
  3. Use your answers to convey the message you intended to convey. I touch on this in the job interview advice section but you should take advantage of answering questions asked by the interviewer as your opportunity to sell yourself and your message. It's a free shot to talk about "yourself".

Free Interview Tips: "Questions"

  1. Advice columns everywhere tell you to ask good's another chance to show off. This of course is correct but don't ask irrelevant questions just to prove you're a smart dude. It's transparent, the interviewer can tell what you're doing and it's not impressive. Ask relevant questions.
  2. Find out what the interviewer is measured on, what their priorities are and how they manage. If they are worth what they are paid, they will have very definitive answers to these types of questions. And, just like you, if they answer and stop or if they babble on, it's telling.
  3. This interview is not about them grilling you. It goes both ways (although don't think of it as a grilling). You're interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Ask questions about organizational priorities, the last time leadership shifted, organizational culture, the interviewers future and professional goals etc.

General Interview Advice

  1. Do your homework: Find out as much as you can about your interviewer, the company/organization, the job requirements, the job challenges, etc. Come into the conversation prepared. The better you can anticipate their needs the better you can share how you can help
  2. Have a Strategy: Have a game plan coming into an interview. This might be the most important of all the free interview tips offered. Be sure to Formulate a plan to accomplish specific objectives. Is there something specific you want them to know about you? Is there a project you worked on that you think is relevant to the position? Is there a need they have that you're perfect for? Is there a message you want to convey? Formulate a plan and execute the plan throughout the interview, anticipate typical interview questions and prepare ways to talk about the things you want them to hear.
  3. You're selling yourself: Make sure you don't sound like a salesman but do make sure you get your tag lines and marketing "snip-its" in. Think about what the interviewer is going to remember of your conversation and craft your messages to make sure they walk away with the message and tag lines you choose. Don't let random observations be the meat of their impression.
  4. The interviewer is human: Believe it or not, there is likely some degree of anxiety on the interviewer's part. They might not want anyone to know they are paid more than their worth (see Peter Principle) or, they might not be a seasoned interviewer. Regardless, help them get comfortable as quickly as possible and you'll fare much better.

More Free Interview Tips

  1. Be prompt (should go without saying)
  2. Secretary's and administrative assistants are the gate keepers and usually the real boss. Int terms of free interview tips, this one must not be ignored. Secretary's and Admins typically tell the manager what to do, when to do it and sometimes how. Most executives would be lost without them. Make sure you're respectful, attentive and particularly kind to them.
  3. Screw luck, go kick some ass and "get" the job because you're qualified and deserve it, not because it was given to you! Think like it's yours and go "take" it!

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