Kilted Loafer

Kilted Loafers

The name "kilted loafers" may not immediately mean anything to you, but you will know them as soon as you see them. They are a type of mens dress shoe that has enjoyed popularity for many years, and you are bound to have seen them around.

The kilted loafer is very similar in some ways to another popular type of mens loafer: the tassel loafer, which sports an ornamental tassel at the instep. The kilted type are slightly more elaborate than their tassel relatives. As well as the tassel detail, they are distinguished by a fringed tongue, or "skirt", of leather that stretches across the instep.

Despite the name, these loafers have nothing to do with Scottish kilts, and the style is in fact slightly more reminiscent of a moccasin-style, casual shoe. Loafers generally are more casual mens dress shoes. Though some styles of loafers are suitable for wearing with a business suit, they bring a more casual finished effect. Most however are especially well suited to wearing with smart casual clothing. This is where the kilted loafer can play a useful role among the mens dress shoes in your wardrobe.

You could purchase a pair for use at the office, but there is definitely something about them that says "casual" rather than "dressy". A pair will go perfectly with fashionable jeans or chinos, perhaps paired with a sports jacket for a night out or a smart casual daytime event. Some will nevertheless be suitable for wearing with a suit, although the statement they make is not primarily a formal one.

Of course, within this category of loafer you will find significant variation. Kilted are available in different colors, though brown or tan is perhaps the most typical. Suede and smooth leather finishes are both available. As a rule of thumb, suede tends to look more informal, while shinier mens dress shoes may be what you want for a slightly smarter occasion. If you want a smarter pair, don't forget to keep them buffed and polished!

As with other classic styles in mens dress shoes, you will find that they have been taken up as part of the ranges of the best Italian designers. They are also widely available in more economical versions, often with rubber rather than leather soles, in the lines you can buy in almost any shoe store.

If you want to make sure you have a pair of mens dress shoes that will go with all your outfits and can be used for any occasion, you will be well served by a few pairs of loafers in your wardrobe. As well as being stylish, they are comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes that are design classics.

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