Mens Beach Shoes

There are an amzaing array of types and styles of mens beach shoes. Unlike other active shoes for men, there is no single specific design for beach shoes. They range in options from basic types of flip flops to mens water shoes with a whole bevy of styles in between.

Mens Beach Shoe: Purpose & Characteristics

The purpose and characteristics of mens beach shoes are simple. They should be extremely comfortable and casual. They should be simple to put on and remove. They should be designed to be in and around water.

Here are a few characteristics that you should find in a beach shoe:

  • Easy On
  • Easy Off
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Quick Drying
  • Flexible Sole
  • Breathable fabric or Open Design
  • Water Shedding or Water Absorbing

There are many types of shoes available to men that meet these criteria. Some have been designed specifically for beach wear while others have found their "beach nich" through other means. Nonetheless, here are a few common types considered appropriate for beach wear. Tommy Bahamma Beach Walker Flip Flop

Mens Flip Flops

Mens flip flops probably serve as the single most popular, accessible, simple and easy type of beach shoe available. The use of flip flops for men extend far beyond the reaches of beach shoes but the nature of the flip flop makes it a perfect shoe type for the beach.
Cushe Slides

Mens Slide Sandals

A close variant to the flip flop is the slide sandal. Mens slide sandles are very comparable to flip flops in all aspects of ease, comfort and style. They offer a casual look & feel with all the characteristics of a good beach shoe. Cushe Slides

Mens Surf Slipper

This mens surf slipper from Cushe is a more modern beach shoe. Designed specifically for beach atmosphere & coastal lifestyles, this shoe offers comfort, & breathability with the ability to shed water and dry quickly. A nice loafer style alternative to the sandal or flip flop. Mauis Water Shoe

Mens Water Shoes

Another shoe designed specifically to be in and around water is the mens water shoe. Noteable charecteristics are the rubber sole for support and traction with the open water friendly desgin. This shoe suits most water activity needs for men, they can perform on the beach or one the topside of any water craft. Crocs


Despite the fact that it's just down right ugly (this author's opinion) the Croc brand shoe has become a popular and reliable shoe for all kinds of purposes, not the least of which is a beach shoe. It's water management capabilities are obvious from it's design and it's simplicity is unavoidably appropriate for beach wear. Mens Boat Shoes

Mens Boat Shoes

The last beach shoe we'll mention is the trusty boat shoe. Originally designed for traction on wet boat decks, the mens boat shoe has definately become a popular casual shoe. It's design provides all the necessary elements for a great beach shoe.

There are literally dozens more shoes that could be discussed as good beach shoes for men. The above features however are those that might best suit a fashionable man in his quest for a great pair of mens beach shoes.

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