Sperry Orginial Boat Shoe

Mens Boat Shoes

Mens boat shoes have been around for about 75 years and were initally introduced by an avid boater Paul Sperry who saught a solution to slick boat decks.

Inspired by his dogs foot padding, Sperry cut grooves into the soles of his shoes to improve traction, giving birth to what is known today as the boat shoe.

Boat Shoe Siping

Sperry's grooves are what is referred to as Siping. Siping is a process of cutting grooves into rubber surfaces to improve traction. The siping process was discovered 12 years before Sperry by John Sipe who like Sperry was in search of a solution to slick, slippery wet floors.

Siping later became widely used by tire manufacturers in the 1950's offering superior wet condition traction.

Today, boat shoes are the common solution for gentlmen world wide who prefer style and functionality in the wet/damp conditions of a boat deck.

Mens boat shoes are also commonly referred to as Topsiders. Obviously desgined to be worn on the topside or deck of a boat.

Most boat shoes for men are also designed with white soles to prevent markings from being left on the deck by black rubber soles. Sperry Boat Shoe

Some of the more common brands of boat shoes are of course Sperry which is a brand owned by Collective Brands Inc. (formerly Stride Rite Corp.) One of the more recent versions of Sperry boat shoes is pictured right, the venetian loafer. Timberland Boat Shoe

Another popular brand is Timberland Brand. Pictured left, is on of the more recent stylish versions of Timberlands venetian loafer. Mens Canvas Boat Shoe

Also very popular today is the mens canvas boat shoe pictured right. This version is a Sperry brand.

The purpose and fuctionality of topsiders have become so favored by those who demand their performance that they have become fixed in the market place of shoes and have even transcended the traditional use on boats to more modern & broad uses across a wide market.

It is not uncommon at all to find men on or off deck wearing boat shoes.

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