Mens Driving Shoe

Mens Driving Shoes

Mens driving shoes are said to have their roots in Europe with original designs intended for high performance automobile drivers. The special sole was aimed at providing better traction on the clutch, brake and acceletor pedals while also allowing the driver to "feel" performance.

Mens Driving Shoe

Classic Driving Shoes

A good pair of traditional mens driving shoes will connect the driver and his car. The soles should have good traction control to prevent pedal slippage.

Most driving shoes are constructed with nobs or nubs on the sole. The sole of a classic driving shoe wraps up onto the heel to provide wear protection on the shoe from the constant pivoting of the foot when driving.

The entire shoe should not prohibit a driver from "sensing" vehicle performance. Thus, driving shoes should be extremely light, flexible and breathable.

Today's Driving Shoes

With these desirable aspects in one shoe it stands to reason why the driving shoe has become more than a one dimensional device. Once intended for the micro market of performance car drivers now see's it's existence in the mens casual shoe market. Mens Driving Shoe

The classic, unique style of the driving shoe is becoming more and more popular as an easy going loafer. Acceptable for many casual settings.

If you choose to turn out in a pair of driving shoes be sure you're not overdoing the other elements of your wardrobe. You should match your driving shoes with khaki or cargo shorts for summer and never much more than a pair of jeans or casual khaki pants in other seasons.

The final recommendation for your driving shoes is to be sure you wear them like you would a pair of boat shoes, flip flops or sandels...NEVER wear socks with them!

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