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Wondering about mens shoes? Which shoes should you own, Read about mens shoe advice and enjoy our comparison of mens shoes to a batting lineup.

Our mens shoe advice is that every man's closet should have a full roster of shoe options, each ready for their turn at the plate and each having a specific job to do. Shoes men should own range from casual shoes to dress shoes, we like to think of these shoe ownership requirements like a batting lineup. Each shoe serving a specific purpose in a man's life, much like each hitter in a lineup having a specific job.

All mens shoes are not created equal but in this lineup all are equally important. Some are selfless situational shoes like a good 2 hole hitter while others are higher profile, expensive "prima donna" types like the 3rd & 4th batters on a championship team.

Let's dig deep into mens shoe advice a take a look at a typical shoe lineup in the closet of an all-star gentleman, make your starting lineup look this one and you'll no longer wonder what shoes men should own.

  1. Leading off

    Leading off is a shoe with the goal to get on base. This one is typically a speedy guy who can get around the bases. The mens shoe advice to "lead-off" your closet lineup is a pair of mens athletic shoes or the sneaker. Not just any sneaker will do. This is a dual purpose shoe, serving both casual and active life needs.

    Therefore, avid runners are best served with mens running shoes, gym guessed it, cross trainers, men who walk for exercise...mens walking shoes, etc The lead-off shoe in our lineup is the mens athletic shoe and we expect it to get on and get around quite a bit doing both the job it was made for and playing a role as a casual shoe.

  2. Batting 2nd

    is a shoe that is situational. This shoe's job is often to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. Whether it's a hit-n-run or sac bunt this shoe knows his job and doesn't try to do stuff he can't. He's usually a light-footed player who is the most situationally aware and "headsy" one the field. The casual shoe that we slot into the 2 "hole" in the mens shoe lineup is the flip-flop .

    The flip flop is great for the most casual and leisure situations. Whether at the beach, the pool or just having a lazy day around the house, a flip-flop is a perfect selection. Like the #2 hitter, a flip-flop won't be found trying to do the job of a sneaker or business casual shoe so we think it's a shoe that knows his job pretty well. Often sacrificed with changing seasons and shelved for the winter, the flip-flop always finds a way back to add value to a man's leisure life.

  3. Batting 3rd

    Batting 3rd is your best shoe! It's the one that hits for average and power. He's versatile and can usually hit to all fields. He's no slouch on the bases either. He's also probably one of your more expensive shoes. The mens shoes we have hitting 3rd are mens dress shoes.

    BUT! these dress shoes can cross into casual attire with ease, power up and go deep with a business suit, look perfect with business casual and even sharpen up your casual look by combining them with a pair of jeans and a blazer.

    This dress shoe is a man's Dress loafer and it's arguably the most important shoe in a man's closet which is why he's batting 3rd. If your daily dress requirement is business casual you should consider owning two pair of mens dress shoes because it is advisable that mens shoes have a day of rest between wearings.

  4. Batting Clean-up

    Hitting in the fourth spot is your power shoe. This one swings for the fence almost every time. When he connects he typically delivers and like the hitter before him he's likely expensive. These shoes are also mens dress shoes but this particular one is the oxford . Worn primarily with your business attire this shoe can occasionally come down to the business casual level but only for rare and brief occasions.

    This shoe should be reserved for the business suit. If your daily dress is business attire it's wise to have two pair of lace-up mens dress shoes because daily wear is damaging to mens shoes. You should be sure to alternate allowing all of your shoes at least a day of rest between wearing.

  5. Batting 5th

    is a sturdy shoe that hits well with occasional power. This shoe may not make the all-star team or Cooperstown but it is critically important to your lineup. Batting 5th are mens casual shoes and specifically the casual loafer. This shoe is intended for jeans, khaki, chinos and corduroys when formality and stuffiness is tossed out the window.

  6. In the 6th position

    Batting 6th we have the Boot . At this point in the lineup, power numbers are beginning to wane as is the batting average but we still need something strong and occasionally useful. The boot can be called upon to work or play and its' job can vary depending on the chosen style or need of the gentleman purchaser. Work boots, hiking boots, snow boots, cowboy boots, dress boots etc. each man has his own need and preferences.

  7. Batting 7th

    In the 7th spot we have the specialty active shoe. As far as mens shoe advice, these are the ones that serve only specialty active needs such as golf, biking or climbing etc. These shoes are defined by the needs of the man and his lifestyle requirements. Like a #7 seven hitter, these shoes don't get as many at bats as the first 5 in the order which makes it a good spot for the specialty active shoe.

  8. Batting 8th

    is the fashionable night out shoe . This shoe is probably the worst hitter in the lineup. Not much is expected from him. In fact, if we removed him from the lineup we would likely do just fine and probably not notice he was missing. That's why we've reserved this spot for the fashionable night out shoe. If you're lucky enough to have a budget that allows for such things it might be nice to have. However, most of the other "shoes men should own" in our lineup can serve this need.

  9. Batting 9th

    This one is a tricky one in realm of mens shoe advice. This position is actually not the worst hitter in the lineup (that's reserved for #8). Ninth is your hybrid lead-off hitter. We need a shoe here that can lead-off if required. The shoe we select for the 9 hole is a trendy sneaker or active shoe like a pair of Chuck Taylors or Sketchers. These shoes can be ready at a moment's notice and "get on" and "get around" the bases just as well as the lead-off hitter. We have high expectations of our number nine guy, we think he should score often.

We're through the order, nine specific shoes men should own! although this lineup is a potent one, it is obviously made better by having a utility player, designated hitter and a few good back-ups; those shoes men should own that are completely up to the owner and his lifestyle preferences.

Nonetheless, every man should be able to compete at the big league level if he's got a shoe lineup like the one we've just discussed.

For mens shoe advice, we minimally recommend any man to have 10 pair of shoes in his closet, the nine mentioned plus a second pair of either the 3rd or 4th hitters depending on his daily dress code requirements for work.

Although were through with mens shoe advice we still have a great deal of other useful information pertaining to mens shoes and maybe this next page of mens shoe advice will be just what your looking for...go to Mens Shoe Tips for more on other important aspects of mens shoes.

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