Mens Suit Fit

Proper mens suit fit is probably the most important aspect of looking great in a suit. It's one priority in a mans wardrobe that demands his attention.

All mens suits, tailored suits or off the rack suits, should fit as perfectly as possible. Failing to ensure a proper suit fit can be detrimental to even the highest quality suit.

There are several elements to a professional fit but the five categories discussed below are those that will not only be noticed by the man wearing it but also by those around him.

  1. Jacket Collar & Shoulder:

  2. A man's suit Jacket should have a collar that allows his dress shirt to stand above it by at least one inch. His jacket collar should lay flat against the top of this shoulders and lower neck such that no perceived gaps or excess fabric is visible at the back of his neck.

    The jacket shoulders should closely follow his shoulder line such that there is neither excess draping of the shoulder padding or the appearance of stress or pulling of the fabric from the jacket being too tight.

  3. Jacket Body:

  4. When buttoned, a proper mens suit fit should find the jacket flush against his torso but not pulling on the button. If properly tailored, the jacket should have a tapering effect from below the arms to waist of the coat.

    The top button on a 2 button jacket and/or the middle button on a 3 button jacket should be slightly above his belly button.

  5. Jacket Sleeves:

  6. The sleeves should extend down to the lower end of his wrist bone so that at least ¼ to ½ inch of shirt sleeve is exposed as he stands arms relaxed at his sides (shirt sleeves should reach to the base of his thumb & palm).

  7. Trouser Waist:

  8. Suit trousers should fit a man so comfortably that he's not constantly making adjustments as he stands and/or sits. His waist should not be snug and should not cause his pleats to "pull" nor should his waist fabric "bunch" under his belt.

  9. Trouser Length:

  10. The trouser length is a matter of preference or style with variations ranging anywhere between no break to double break. As a general rule, a gentleman's trousers should have a slight break meaning that the front of his trousers meet the middle of his shoe laces while the back reaches down to the soles of this shoes causing a "break" or bend in the front of his slacks.

    No break would have his trousers drape smoothly to the top of his shoes revealing nearly all of his shoes. No break is more common in European styling but in other areas of the world might be considered too short for informal dress.

    A double break is the opposite extreme with the back of the trousers reaching past the sole of the shoe all the way to the floor. This causes a very large break of excess fabric at the front base of the trousers and has an effect of sloppiness.

These 5 areas of proper mens suit fit are critical to a gentleman's suit success. There are no bonus points for fit, a man will be judged unfairly by others if his business suit fits poorly.

Unfortunately, he will not be judged any more favorably if his suit fits well. Most professionals expect mens suits to be properly fitted. As such, it is essential for men to ensure a proper to stick with tailored suits.

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