Mens Suit Jackets

Regardless of make (Italian, British, American) mens suit jackets have two primary styles, single breasted and double breasted. Both types of jackets will have a couple other style elements incorporated.

Those elements are lapel & pocket styles, vents and buttons. Each element combined in different manners can increase or decrease formality in the look of the suit. Understanding these style elements therefore becomes important to knowing how to achieve the look for going for.

2 Button Single Breast Jacket

Single breasted refers to a suit jacket, sport coat or blazer that has a single row of buttons. These buttons are found on the right edge of the jackets front flap and they fasten the left side such that there is only a slight overlap in fabrics.

Single breasted jackets are more popular in two and three button but can be found with one or four buttons. 3 Button Single Breast Jacket With regard to buttons, it is customary to leave the bottom button unfastened on both two and three button jackets. For three button jackets, tradition dictates that only the middle button be fastened. However, it is also acceptable to button the top button if preferred.

4 Button Double Breast Jacket

Double breasted refers to a jacket with two columns of buttons on the front with wide overlapping front flaps. The button count on double breasted is typically four or six but can be up to eight. Like the single breast, the double breast also follows tradition with it's lowest button left unfastened.

On double breasted jacket's not all buttons are intended to be functioning buttons. If the jacket is referred to as a 4 on 1 then it has four buttons with only as a functioning button. 6 on 2 would have two columns of 3 with only 2 of the 3 buttons functioning.

6 Button Double Breast Jacket

Double breasted jackets are considered more conservative and formal than the single breast. The double will be found with both notch (shown) and peak lapels. Peak lapels are the more formal of the two lapels and will frequent the double breast more often than the single.

Side vents and peak lapels are elements of mens suit jackets that typify quality. Vents are slit openings in the rear of the jacket that provide for ease of movement. Single vents are easier and less costly to produce than side vents.

The single vent will be found in the middle of the jacket while the double vents will be located on the sides near the trouser pockets. Side vents do better to hide the gentleman's backside particularly when his hands are in his pockets.

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