American Suit

Mens Western Suits: The American Suit

As you explore the world of mens suit styles, you will realize that mens western suits or the American suit is exactly what you might expect of American design. Of the four that you will encounter when shopping for business suits, the American suit is well-styled but relatively casual. In other words, this home-grown example of mens suits is a reflection of American society, lifestyle and values: less formal than the British or Italian suit styles, but still quality mens fashion wear.

Less structured, but still carefully cut, the American style suit is perhaps one of the most versatile styles of business suit. It will meet your sartorial requirements for most daytime occasions where people are expected to wear suits, including the office. It will also serve you well for less formal evening events as well.

Mens western suits are also rather unflatteringly known as a "sack suit", and though it has been around a while, is also linked to the Ivy League preppie look of the nineteen sixties. (Note though that if it looks like a sack on you then you should try a different size or a pattern created by a different tailor.) The suit jacket is single-breasted and fastens with two (sometimes three) buttons. It lacks the shoulder padding found in other suit styles (most notably in the Italian suit) and the silhouette is less defined than in other suits.

The sack suit has medium width lapels, and no particularly eye-catching detailing. It usually has only one vent (slit), at the bottom of the back centre seam. Pockets normally have flaps to cover them. The trousers in the American style suit are usually flat-fronted, without pleats or darts at the waist, or cuffs or turn-ups at the ankle.

Though this less tailored look characterises the American suit, you will find some variations and departures from the narrow definition, since most designers will give the look of their won product their own distinctive tweak. What mens western suits in this style all share, however, is a more relaxed effect, that some also think of as a "younger" and more contemporary take on this category of business suits.

Many men like the American suit not only for its versatility value among mens suits, but also because this is a comfortable suit to wear. It is unfussy, easy to wear and yet still has a certain touch of class. The design is forgiving, and will suit all physiques and body shapes. The jacket is typically cut with a deep V at the neck, which is both slenderizing and good for the shorter man wishing to emphasize the vertical line rather than the horizontal.

Some people say that if you can't afford an array of mens suits in your wardrobe then American suits are the ones to go for. Of course, your ultimate choice will be determined by your lifestyle and your own personal style..

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