Office Etiquette

Proper office etiquette is simply showing respect for others who share your workspace as well as being respectful to them as they work to accomplish their tasks.

The easiest way to know if your broaching workplace etiquette boundaries is to ask yourself how you might feel if others were in your shoes and you were in theirs.

Unfortunately we all have different tolerances so this rule does not always serve well. That's why we have to publish office etiquette guidelines so that we can all "get on the same page"

Keeping it simple, below we offer the Do's and Don'ts of etiquette and manners in the workplace. Keeping it simple, below we offer the Do's and Don'ts of etiquette and manners in the workplace.

Workplace Etiquette: DO's

  • Be Polite: you don't have to be a pushover but be sure to be professional.
  • Dress Appropriately: your office should have a dress code. You can get a quick lesson in business casual attire if your environment is not a full traditional business environment.
  • Be Clean and Groomed: The office is no place to share your body odor and/or scragly scruff. Make sure your hair (all hair!) and nails are trimmed and your clothes are in accpetable condition.
  • Be Courteous and Respectful: It can not be said enough, respect, politness and genuine courtesy is the name of the game when it comes to office etiquette

Workplace Etiquette: DONT's

  • Wear Flip Flops: The office is unfortunately not the place for flip flops.
  • Wear Jeans: Unless it's casual Friday and the culture allows for jeans on Friday
  • No Soliciting: Your Co-workers have thier own children, charities and passions. Don't impose upon them in the workplace with solicitations of donations or purchases.
  • Engage in Judgemental Conversations: Don't join the bash party over in your buddy's cubicle while he unfairly judges a co-worker. If there is a performance issue address it with the individual first. Then proceed with your manager if the issue continues.
  • Express Racial, Religous, Sexual or Political Opinions: These are topics that most people are passionate about. They are also topics that can accomodate an opinion from every walk of life. Others are likely not going to agree with, understand or share in your opinion. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
  • Pass Blame: Take ownership of your mistakes.
  • Presume you know the answer: If you do know the answer don't let others observe that you "presume to know the answer" your arrogance will not bode well for you

Office etiquette is all about reading the environment and learning what the general tolerances of others are. Pay attention and follow the above Do's and Dont's and you should be considered to have good workplace etiquette.

Remember however, new names, new faces etc. can immediately change the entire dynamic of an office environment so be sure to pay attention as the tide of tolerance ebs and flows in your office.

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