Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes are the standard for mens formal wear. Formal or just typical mens dress shoes, the shoe can make or break a fine suit or in this case his tuxedo.

When it comes to formal wear, every man should understand that he should be laced up in a fine pair of black patent leather shoes preferably with leather soles.

There are four main styles of formal shoes to chose from. The variations of each are much the same as informal with one very important distinction already mentioned, they will be made of patent leather. The options are as follows...

Patent Leather Balmoral

1. Balmoral:

The Balmoral is an oxford style dress shoe which has leather uppers that lace together evenly yielding no perceived flaps over the tongue. The lacing brings the shoe together perfectly and is considered the most formal of mens shoes with the only exception being the court shoe which we discuss below.

Patent Leather Blucher

2. Blucher:

The Blucher is another oxford style shoe, it has leather uppers that come together with laces and flaps over the tongue. Although Bluchers are more informal than the Balmoral in standard dress shoe models, in patent leather they both make excellent choices for formal and/or semi-formal evening & day wear.

Patent Leather Loafer

3. Loafer:

Loafers are simply shoes without laces that slip on the foot. Despite the various options in styles of loafers ( mens dress shoes ) the formal loafer will largely be found in a substantially more "plain" loafer style. As such, the patent leather loafer is acceptable with formal attire.

Patent Leather Court Shoe

4. Court Shoe:

The Court Shoe is the most traditional and refined of the four shoe styles. With it's narrow and low profile and grosgrain band or bow, the court shoe has a definitively more feminine appearance. As a result, this style of shoe is chosen less frequently than it's 3 counterparts mentioned above.

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