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Penny Loafers: Every man's wardrobe should include a couple of pairs of mens dress shoes. Loafers are the perfect, stylish footwear for many occasions, because of their wonderful versatility. They can add a subtle touch of informality when worn with an everyday business suit, or they can add a bit of class to a more casual outfit. Penny-loafers are one of the options to consider when shopping for a pair of shoes that will go well with a range of different outfits.

Loafers come in a variety of styles, from plain to more eye-catching, with more detailing. Penny-loafers lie towards the plain end of the spectrum, with a plain band across the facing at the instep, but very little else in the way of decorative detail.

The name of this mens dress shoe dates back to the mid-twentieth century. Slip-on shoes originally made in Norway, and so known as "weejuns", became popular in the United States and in Britain. They sported a leather band or strap across the instep, often with a diamond-shaped cut-out in the center of it. The story goes that fashionable young people slipped a penny (a 1 cent coin) behind the strap, and so this style of slip-on shoe came to be known as the "penny loafer".

If you are looking for a pair of slip-on shoes that has simple and elegant design, these loafers could be ideal for you. A rule of thumb with mens dress shoes in general is that the more ornamentation and detail they have, the dressier they appear (think of the patterned detail on a smart pair of brogues, for example). Penny-loafer have a design simplicity that means they are not too formal, but can still be smart, and will complement several of the looks in your wardrobe.

The big names in shoe design have long recognized the stylish appeal of the penny loafer. Calvin Klein and other big names in the fashion industry produce quality models, although there are more economical lines if you are on a budget. More than fifty years after they first became part of the fashionable look of the day, their timeless styling still remains. Plain, but not bland, they are a classic shoe that have held well the test of time.

The classic pair of penny's are the black leather, with a durable leather sole, but there are many variations on the basic theme, including suede, or for a smart finish, patent leather. Some are minimalist, while others still carry the ornamental cut-out on the instep strap.

Whether you opt for the simplest you can find, or choose a pair with slightly more detailing, you can be confident that you have invested in comfortable and always fashionable mens dress shoes that will take you almost anywhere.

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