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Shoe Tips

We've compiled this essential list of absolutes when it comes to shoe tips. Make sure you're well "heeled" and that your shoes do "make the man"! Pay close attention and be sure to put into practice the following shoe tips and you can rest assured your shoe savvy will be at the top of it's game.

  • Shoes Should Match Your Belt:

    Always attempt to match your shoes to your belt and when buying new shoes it's a good idea to pony up and buy the matching belt

  • Brown Shoes "Work":

  • Brown shoe color is the staple for mens informal, smart and business casual wear. Brown "works" with all trouser colors save black. Yes, even grey! try it, you'll be surprised at the compliments.

  • Polish Your Shoes!:

  • Be sure to keep your shoes in their best appearance, it has been said that one can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes. Don't let poorly cared for shoes suggest your not attentive to detail.

  • Evening Formal = Black Patent Leather:

  • Don't ruin your black tie attire with standard black dress shoes, be sure your wearing black patent leather closed laced shoes with any evening formal or semi-formal attire. Daytime formal is acceptable without the sheen of patent leather.

  • Shoe Trees Are a Must!:

  • Feet perspire and it's been suggested that your feet can expel between 1/8 to 1/2 a cup of moisture. Shoe trees (cedar) will not only help retain shape but absorb moisture collected by your shoe. This will help extend the life of your shoes by up to 3 times longer.

  • Alternate:

  • Never wear the same shoes consecutive days. Give your shoes at least a day to recover. You'll find the life of your shoes to be far more extended than if you wear them on a daily basis.

  • Use a Shoe Horn:

  • Avoid unnecessary abuse of your shoe and it's heel leather, get into the habit of using a shoe horn.

  • Did We Say "Keep Your Shoes Polished"?:

  • Keep your shoes tidy and well cared for. A good polish will have you literally "well heeled".

That's it! Really only 7 shoe tips to remember (we listed polishing twice!). Not to mention, really only 4 things you need to do "with", "for" or "to" your shoes to keep them in good care...Polish them, use shoe trees, use a shoe horn and alternate wearings.

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