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Mens fashion authority wishes to express a special thanks and dedicate a page to extending appreciation to some very special partners and friends as well as sharing links with other partnering sites.

This site was born of the persistence and insistence of a committed friend. MFA would not exist were it nor for one of it's most trusted and appreciated friends who has demonstrated not once but twice that building a website can be both rewarding and profitable. MFA is proud to share a link to Benjamin Teal's website Build-muscle-and-burn-fat.com

Thank you Ben

We also owe a good deal of thanks to a special quality tailor from Columbia South Carolina, Vaughn Granger of Granger Owings . Vaughn has been an inspiration as well as a source of information and MFA is proud to be a partner with Granger Owings

Another proud partnership we share is with the maker of our shirt, jacket, trousers and cuff images. Sign Post, inc. is full service agency offering web, 3d/video, print and branding. Mens Fashion Authority is also grateful for this trusted partnership with Sign Post, inc.

Other Proud Partnerships...MFA wishes you the best!

New-Dad-Guide.com A guide for "to be" and new dad's. Donít just get the "what to expect when she's expecting" theme, get the guide for becoming a new dad.

Penfield Designer menswear collections online from Glass Boutique

Supra Shoes Supra Footwear is a fusion of skate and street inspired footwear that was founded in 2006 by Angel Cabada.

An online Six Sigma training & certification resource. Six Sigma Digest offers training products, free training curriculum and other great tools & content.

Lose Weight Before Your Wedding Find an ever expanding range of wedding planning and weight loss tips which cover topics from how to get into tip top shape to make heads turn in your gown to the perfect destination for your honeymoon and everything in between.

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Mens Trousers

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Mandarin Suit

Inspired by the lines of menswear in the east, this suit style might not be what you would choose for a highly formal occasion, but it has its place in many a savvy dresser's wardrobe.... Mandarin Suit

Tailored Suits

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Clothing Colors

...Red used appropriately in men's business attire can represent strength & leadership... Meaning of Colors

Mens Wingtip Shoes

Wingtip shoes are a type of mens dress shoe that have pointed decorative toe-boxes. Wingtips are often brogue (brogue refers to decorative perforations adorning the toe-box and/or leather upper)... More about Wingtips

First Impressions

In the U.S. above average looking men make 5.4% more than average looking men. Below average looks in the U.S. are penalized by as much as 9% relative to average men. Every two inches over average height is equivalent to one year of experience in pay... Learn More

Cruise Packing List

Your cruise packing list would be incomplete without a cool pair of casual flip flops. These can be worn with your bathing suit, shorts & a polo shirt or shorts & t-shirt... Cruise Packing List

Dress Code

Events such as weddings, formal parties, dinners, balls or dances require formal wear. Codes for formal events govern acceptable attire for such events... Dress Code

How to Look Taller

In order to achieve a taller appearance, you must establish a unified look from top to bottom that uses vertical lines, smooth transitions and thematic consistency... How to Look Taller

Meaning of Colors

Free Interview Tips

Interview Thank You Notes

Special Thanks

Interview Attire

As far as your interview attire, conservative and professional is the name of the game. Your goal is to look polished and be so appropriately dressed that the prospective employer notices your qualifications and not your distracting or poor choice of attire... Interview Attire

email Etiquette

Here are the top 10 things to consider for email etiquette... email Etiquette


Designer menswear collections online from Glass Boutique

Supra Shoes

Supra Footwear is a fusion of skate and street inspired footwear that was founded in 2006 by Angel Cabada.