Tipping Suggestions

Tipping suggestions should be follwed for many services that are rendered on your behalf. The premise however is that the service was of value.

Proper tipping for services that are beyond your expectation should be reflected in your tip amount. If you feel the service was impressive or somehow exceeded your expectations you should tip beyond the standards outlined below.

Tipping should not be assumed however, services should always be acceptable in order to recieve a tip. Service providers should not be rewarded for simply showing up. Just because someone begrudgingly handles your bags and/or takes your order does not automatically deserve your generosity via a tip.

Below is a basic table of services and standard tipping guidelines. Follow these suggestions for good tip etiquette.


Tip Guideline

Barber 15%
Airport Porter $1.00/bag
Buffet Dinner 5%
Waiter/Waitress 15%
Dining Out Party more than 8 18%
Taxi Cab Driver 15% of fair & $1/bag
Casino Dealers $5.00/session
Casino Waiter/Waitress $1.00/drink
Pizza Delivery $3-$5
Furniture/Appliance Delivery $10.00/person
Furniture/Appliance-upstairs/difficult $20.00/person
Conciege $5-$10
Bellhop $2/bag
Room Service Waiter 15%
Hotel Maid $5/night
Message Therapist 10%-20%
Shoe Shine $2-$3
Sommelier 15% of wine bill
Coat Check $1/coat
Parking Attendant $2.00

Remember, these tipping guidelines apply to services that provide value. Again, follow the suggested tip values if your service was standard and/or acceptable to you. Don't feel obligated to follow these tipping standards if you believe the service was less than minimally expected of the role the service provider is conducting.

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